Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Introducing LilyCup Creations - Our new favorite cupcake studio!!!

Cupcakes...they are EVERYWHERE! How do you know who to chose and why to chose that specific baker? When we are cupcake shopping, we look for a shop that is absolutely delicious, unique, and can convey our vision in style.

In planning an upscale Bridal Shower this past May, we discovered LilyCup Creations. They are simply amazing!  Their attention to detail, exquisite style, amazing creativity and mostly importantly, their mouth watering cupcakes, put them on the top of our recommended baker/cupcake studio list. What makes them extra special is going the extra mile for their clients. We were so impressed with Vanessa and her team, we wanted share our new friends with you.

Cupcakes BY: LilyCup Creations
Event Design By: Stylish Event Design
Cupcakes BY: LilyCup Creations
Event Design By: Stylish Event Design

Vanessa is the CEO and the creative guru of LilyCup Creations. She is a true doll and a pleasure to know. Here is our interview with her.

What inspired you to start LilyCup Creations?
I started baking with my mother as a child. I was a very creative and imaginative kid so my mom encouraged those qualities in the kitchen while we made birthday cakes and cupcakes for school.  I was always in the kitchen with my grandmother as well. Those are my favorite memories with my mom and grandmother.  I continued baking while i was growing up and even through college.  After I graduated, I chose to stay home with my new baby until he was ready for preschool; I was then going to attend graduate school.   I was baking cupcakes for my family and friends during this time.  At the same time, my family business was becoming vacant and renovation will soon begin.  This opportunity genuinely unfolded and baking was so natural for me that I felt I was supposed to find myself at this moment.  this opportunity has blessed me to restore my family business and has allowed me to share my creativity and passion with fellow cupcake lovers.

What is the most elaborate cupcake you have ever made?
The most elaborate cupcakes I have done was for a Peacock inspired bridal shower. The client requested a diplay design as well and gave me complete artistic freedom.  My imagination completely took over.  I put a touch of everything in the display i designed.  I included chocolate molds, glittered fondant feathers, and paper pom-poms that i made for the top of cupcakes.  I used peacock feathers, the brides initial, and the phrase “Bride To Be”.  My client was happy and acknowledged all of the fine detail. The look and smile on the brides face was incredibly rewarding. 

Why should our readers consider your cupcake company for their next event?
my cupcakes are completely customized to my clients theme and vision.  I go out of my way to get to know my clients and about their event.  I want to ensure that i fulfill their vision and go beyond their expectations.  not only do i want my clients to be satisfied but to feel important as well.  When I am in the designing stage, I incorporate the occasion, theme, and colors of the event.  I also bring to mind any specific details a client may have said during our conversation.  My goal is to help you make your celebration special. 

What is your favorite cupcake?
Design and concept by
LilyCup Creations
I’m classic, so i still cannot resist a devils food cupcake with fudge buttercream like the ones my mom would send me to school with for my classroom.

If you were not a baker, what would you have been doing?
I would be attending graduate school.  On the other hand, I have not closed the door to that.

What makes your cupcake company Chic, Unique, and Innovative?
LilyCup Creation’s is unique and innovative because I have joined my passion for cupcakes with my passion for crafts.  LilyCup gives me the means to utilize my imagination and express my creativity simultaneously.  My cupcakes are classic and uncomplicated yet fun.  i always hear from people that they would like a classic delicious cupcake like the ones their mother would make. So when I am working on a cupcake flavor, I think of classic, homemade, and childhood.  To top off a delicious cake in a cup, i dress them up with a crafty outfit.  I not only focus on the taste but the presentation as well. the presentation is just as important.  A cupcake should look delicious and taste delicious. I look at my cupcakes as edible little pieces of art, from the batter all the way to the crafty outfit i create. 

Design and Concept By LilyCup Creations

We thank Vanessa and her team for sharing about her cupcake studio. We are fans and hope you will join the club!

For chic, unique and innovative cupcakes your next event, do not forget to get delicious cupcakes from LilyCup Creations. 

Remember that Stylish Event Design. is there for all your event coordination and design needs.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

In Mint Condition

We are absolutely fascinated with MINT! We fell in love with it in 2012 and we are so excited that it is staying with us for 2013. It is one of those hues that makes you feel so pretty, feminine and carefree. Whether you rock it head to toe or using it for a pop of color, we guarantee that you will become as obsessed with mint as we are.

Go ahead and view our mint inspired board.  We added a few complementary colors that will work well with our favorite hue of green. Enjoy designing your event in Mint Condition!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Bowl: Party Planning Tips
The Big Game is around the corner, here are some entertaining tips from STYLISH EVENT DESIGN for all you football fans out there.

CLEAR TELEVISION: Make sure your television is clear and crisp. To add clarity wipe it down and fix any "fuzz". This is going be the focus of the event, make it stand out.

PIZZA IS SO PASSE: Plan for simple, yet fun buffet options. Sushi, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, veggie platters or even tacos. A small variety adds flavor and satisfies everyone's cravings.

KISS (Keep it Simple Silly): Do not prepare foods that will keep you in the kitchen! You are meant to have fun with everyone else.

LIQUID DIET: Plan on plenty of beverages, and don't forget the beer and ice!

DECORATE!!! Use team colors, footballs, team jerseys, goal posts, and pennants. But don't knock yourself out. Decorating just adds a little more spunk to an already exciting day. Have an area for those who are not "crazy about football". This can be a room near the game or even the backyard. Just make sure you do not completely separate them from the game.  Have lots of paper towels, napkins and rug cleaner handy for messes created during exciting plays. We know how excited fans can get. It is important to be prepared.

DON'T FORGET S.C.  Not Sports Central, but Second Course. As you have Sports Central on the TV for the highlights, have the Second Course of fun ready to go. Have a few light activities available for those who will continue to hang out. Cards and music are always good choice. Food wise: have coffee, tea and some desserts on hand. Small light cupcakes are always a back up choice.

Lastly, and most importantly, do not forget to cheer loudly for your team! Your spirit will make your Super Bowl party unique and memorable.


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